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The label and collections reflect Mattijs van Bergen’s personal vision of fashion. Transparency and seasonless designs are part of his values to develop a more sustainable manner of running his business, as well as contributing to more sustainable fashion production and consumption.
Mattijs van Bergen’s designs carry his identity in their expression, they are each given fitting names, but they carry the same signature: plissés, pleated waists, hand cut or embroidered appliqués, layering fabrics, or daring and surprising material combinations. His style is outspoken, but more often refined and present in small details, but always present.

Mattijs graduated with an MA of Central Saint Martins College in London in 2005. Before, he studied fashion design at Artez Institute of Fine Arts in Arnhem in the Netherlands. He launched his namesake label MATTIJS in 2008. Press like British Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and stores like Browns Focus and Luisa Via Roma soon picked up on his colourful and detailed collections.
In 2012 he wins the Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Award en de International Fashion Incubator Award for best Dutch designer to break through internationally. In 2013 the collection ‘Complemenair’, based on the work of fellow Dutchman Vincent van Gogh gets him a lot of recognition.
The label is renamed Mattijs van Bergen in 2015, representing the new, personal view on the designing and the workings of the fashion world. The studio breaks with the rhythm of seasonal collections and start working in capsule collections and projects. Art proves his greatest inspiration and so the collection ‘Photo to Fashion’, based on the photographic collection of the Nederlands Fotomuseum is another milestone in 2015, next to designing the formal attire for the W Hotel Amsterdam that same year.

Photo of Mattijs van Bergen


The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress is a work of art that calls for openness and inclusivity, encouraging people to actively contribute to, defend and share freedoms. 
The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress is a monumental dress, measuring over 16 metres  in diameter, made of 75 national flags from countries where homosexuality is punishable by law, including 12 countries where homosexual acts can result in the death penalty. The bodice of the dress is made from the city flag of the city of Amsterdam. 

How it started
Arnout van Krimpen, Jochem Kaan, Mattijs van Bergen and Oeri van Woezik came together  and volunteered to develop a concept for these flags which led to the creation the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, in cooperation with COC Amsterdam and their volunteers.


to/the matter noun/verb /ˈmæt.ər
1. Material, a physical substance in general; 2. a subject or situation under consideration; 3. to be of importance or significance.

MATTER is the new movement Studio Mattijs van Bergen has created to try and solve the issues around contemporary prêt-à-porter collections. It represents the core values of Studio Mattijs van Bergen: to reduce, to reach our true meaning of fashion design. MATTER is our vision of designing and building our individual business. Away from conventions and fashion rules. Creating fashion within our own time frame.

Unique and limited design of exceptional quality.
We dedicate all our attention to sustainable, long lasting fashion design. MATTER is a limited, exclusive and affordable line. The designs are made in small editions. Avoiding overproduction, we create less waste and our products will not go on sale. The collection is designed, developed and produced in Europe.